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Get The Most Killer Home Workout: athleanx.com There’s nothing like a home workout to challenge you to reach a whole new level of fitness development. Home workouts demand that you learn how to use your bodyweight only to achieve results that are normally only provided with a traditional gym workout. That said, we here at AthLEAN-X realize that not everybody has a chance to work out at a gym, and most prefer to do so with very little equipment in the comfort of their own home. That’s what AthLEAN-X is all about. Providing the guy or gal that wants to workout with an option for a home workout or a gym workout to get the job done. For this home workout challenge, you will use nothing but your own bodyweight, a single pair of dumbbells, and a very small area. You will do as many reps of each of 10 different home workout bodyweight exercises as you can in 1 minute apiece. You simply add up the total number of reps that you get for each of the exercises in this home workout and get your total score. To compare your score to others like you, please remember to post it below and see how you stack up against our other home workout warriors! For a complete 90 day training system with over 60 unique home workouts and 130 plus home workout exercises (with a good deal of bodyweight only to choose from) head to http and become the newest member of TEAM ATHLEAN! The AthLEAN-X Training System is the only pro athlete endorsed, physical therapist created workout system on the market today!

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